Tourist in Cuba

  A trip in CUBA opens up a world of experiences which satisfy every taste. The unique character of this pearl distinguishes it from within the entire Caribbean area. Fot those who wants to enjoy a "naturalist's" vacation, Cuba offers sun, beaches and extraordinary environment rich in flora and fauna and well conserved. Its unique climate  permits the enjoyment of sunshine throughout the year; the clear, transparent waters, the beaches, the marinas and nautical centers offer and ensure a certainly pleasant and relaxing stay. For those who want instead to discover the culture, customs and ways peculiar to the Cuban people, of pure and sincere character, open and cordial, the region offers an impressive historical nad cultural heritage (in which remains the clear imprint of Spinsh, African, Chinese and French), a unique gastronomy (the fruit of the symbiosis of diverse culture) and its three typical products (difficult to find elsewhere): tobacco, sugar and rum.
  Moreover there is ample choice for those who are impassioned by FISHING and HUNTING. In fact, from this point of view, CUBA offers natural spaces and resources to suit every taste.